Pencil Pet Sketch
By artist Amanda M. Emig

The longest lasting gift under $50!

Rylee and Me. 
My handsome English Setter.


Welcome pet loving people!

My professional graphic design business and art studio - Wistart Studio - are located in rural Eastern Pennsylvania. 

I didn't develop this artistic ability overnight.  I have been drawing since I was a little girl.  I have been a graphic designer, (studied at Kutztown University) for nearly twenty years.  I have been able to create a business out of doing something that I love, and now I also teach these skills to aspiring artists of all ages!

 I sketch many wildlife animals to capture their freedom and survival in a world that can be harsh.  The texture in their fur that protects them from the elements fascinates me.

Taking this one step further, I also wanted to present a gift that a friend would keep forever.  An image of a pet that they care about so deeply was the perfect solution.  I am proud
of my animal sketches.

A pencil sketch of your canine, feline, equine, feathered or scaled friend makes a long-lasting gift at a very affordable price.  I draw from photos.  Click onto my portfolio page to see what opportunities are available for your perfect gift.

Why don't I charge more?  There are many times that I would have purchased a piece of artwork that I couldn't take my eyes off of, but didn't because I couldn't afford it.  It is my impression that people will want this long-lasting gift of their pet(s), and feel good about spending less than $50 for something personal and worthy
of space on the wall.  No two pets of the same breed look alike.  Your pet has personality!

Wistart Studio - Pencil Pet Sketch
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Email a photo of your pet today!

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